Transition 2 Resilience

An Alliance born out of a European Learning Partnership.
Photo: The partnership in Sieben Linden, an ecovillage in Germany in May '11

The intentions of this Alliance are to bring together the expertise of the participating European organisations for lifelong education in the field of social, economical and ecological sustainability.

The Alliance is promoting a 2-year learning journey, Transition to Resilience, T2R, to support those who work in local government, NGO’s and the community in the creation of sustainable living environments, both urban and rural. This course works towards empowering community creativity in setting up projects for sustainability (building community in cities, setting up Transition Town Initiatives, CO2-reduction programs, energy self-reliance in bioregions, fostering rural urban village networks etc.)

The Alliance develops intelligent design integrating the wisdom gained from existing experience into a whole. The two year long flexible course-design is interspersed with practical experience that the participants gain through setting up their own sustainable projects (Action Learning).

This learning partnership was sponsored by the EC Grundtvig program   

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